Maddix Press 2020 square
When Maddix was a young kid his surroundings already knew. Influenced by his family playing percussion, drums, and piano he had the best foundation a kid could wish for. As the years went by it became very clear that his youth was the perfect substruction for a mind-blowing career that is still yet to unfold.

He quickly came under the attention of many masterminds in the music industry with releases on Spinnin’ Records, Armin van Buuren’s Armada label and of course Hardwell’s own Revealed Recordings, which became his fundament and directly felt as home to him. As more music got released the world started to become familiar with his unique EDM sound that contains influences of Electro and Bigroom, combined with sharp leads and floor-filling basslines. As he got more experienced by time, he became a trendsetting producer for many artists. Stunning collaborations with Hardwell combined with shows at Ultra Europe and Parookaville confirmed that also the tier 1 DJ’s of the world are enormous fans of his unique style.

With tons of new idea’s, upcoming tours all around the world and a huge number of incoming tracks, this risen star has proven that his talents are deeply rooted in his creative mind and a dancefloor without Maddix’ music became impossible to imagine.