Hardwell, Timmy Trumpet and Maddix return to combine with a triple-threat onslaught for the all-new track ‘Revolution’! Set to transport you to a fast-paced yet atmospheric techno wonderland, it’s a class act in collaboration, coming from Revealed Recordings finest and the latest in Hardwell’s 2023 journey…

Recently, Hardwell, Timmy Trumpet and Maddix have all undergone their own individual evolution in terms of sonic profile, re-stylising their approach to music production and exploring new nooks and crannies of techno and harder-leaning avenues. Hardwell and Revealed Recordings have spearheaded this evolution by pushing a faster paced, harder hitting sound that is prevalent in today’s scene and no more fitting than this instalment, ‘Revolution’ showcases a dynamic soundscape that blends and morphs several genres in delivering euphoria.

After his reinvention in sound, Hardwell returned in top-tier form with his ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’ album that wowed long-awaited fans during his ULTRA Miami 2022 set, chock with previews from the full-length that ushered in a new chapter, post-pandemic it felt like the world was ready for an electronic music wake-up call. Now, with a countdown that has drawn up speculation and excitement, six mysterious, monochromatic “doors” have appeared on his website for 2023, teasing surprises dropping weekly and having fans eagerly awaiting his next move. Already revealed, ‘Balança' with VINNE, ‘Twisted’ with Will Sparks and ‘Sloopkogel’ with Quintino, door four is finally revealed as one of his biggest collabs yet.

Staying true to the Revealed Recordings ethos, Hardwell’s latest link-up is once more a chance for the main stage artist to share his platform with his likeminded peers and friends, offering all-new music in a series that is his first since his ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’ full-length. On ‘Revolution’, he combines the best of both the Dutch and Australian talents as continents collide; from searing, white-hot synthlines to hard-as-nails drum kicks, its deep, dirty and downright infectious. Hi-hats sizzle like hot oil in a molten pan as spacious breakdowns, barely punctuated by atmospheric keys, allow room for the “revolution” vocal echoes to act as a speakerphone to get crows whipped up in a frenzy.

A trifecta of the highest proportions, get set for Hardwell, Timmy Trumpet and Maddix to take over with the ‘Revolution’ of the year, when it is released March 17th only via Revealed Recordings!